I'm Natalie, a junior web developer based in Hampshire, UK and have recently qualified with City and Guilds Software Developer Level 4 Diploma. I enjoy creating bespoke and unique websites and love the artistic and technical aspects of web development. When I am not refining my development skills, I enjoy playing tennis and working on silversmithing projects.

I am currently looking for a junior front end developer role within an energetic team in London or the Home Counties.

Calculator App

This was one of my freeCodeCamp projects, building a calculator in JavaScript. I used a mixture of Regex and in built javascript functions to help me build the app

Simon App

Recreated the online memory game Simon with Javascript. This was a fun and challenging project.

Wikipedia Search App

I used a wikipedia api to create a wikipedia app where you can search the wiki articles. Here I learnt how to use data from an api.

React JS Weather App

I built this weather app using React JS. This app uses the geolocation and a weather api to determine the users' location and current weather

Pomodoro Timer App

An application for work and break times. You can adjust the time you want to work and how long you want to take a break. The timer when started will loop through the work time and break time with a bell reminder. I used JavaScript.

Australian Bird Website

As part of my apprenticeship portfolio, I built a website with Object Orientated PHP. The site has information about the different birds of Australia. I have added user authentication were a registered user can add Australian bird sightings to the site.

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