Add Drupal site to existing LAMP stack

17th Mar 19
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I have made my changes to my blog website and now I am going through the process of deploying on AWS.  

screenshot of getting file via command line
screenshot of command to run file

Go to the bitnami website and find the page stack/lamp/modules.  Copy the link for download for Drupal module.  After you change the file access permissions (command shown above), run the file.  You will be asked a few questions including where the folder will reside (which is /opt/bitnami) and to create a username for drupal.  You will be asked for your password for phpmyadmin root user.  After the installation is complete you can visit your website with your ip address/drupal.  To login you give the username you set and the root password.  

Rewrite URL

Currently the website is configured so that it is using a prefix to route this website.  We don't want that and would rather not have the /drupal at the end of the url.  Firstly in /apps/drupal/conf edit httpd-vhosts.conf.  Update it to the correct domain name.  Currently I have commented out the secure virtual host but will come back to that.  

vhost file screenshot

So we want to change the configuration so the drupal website runs on v-hosts rather than the default prefix.  Go to stack/apache2/conf/bitnami.  Edit bitnami-apps-prefix.conf and comment out the inclusion of httpd-prefix.conf.  After that edit bitnami-apps-vhosts.conf and include the vhost file.


comment out file in bitnami apps prefix file
include vhosts in file

I have recently completed my apprenticeship.  I am currently building the API to a React JS site using Firebase.