React Native - Setting up the environment

21st Sep 18

I am going to go through the steps you need to take to have the right environment to run React Native for OSX  system. 


There are a number of dependencies that need to be installed to work on React Native:-

  1. XCode - used to build apps and install them on the device.   Search for XCode in the App Store to download.
  2. Homebrew - dependency management program used to install node. Go to, run the link as per the instructions.
  3. Node/npm - Node is used to run javascript outside the browser, where npm is used for dependency management. brew install node 
  4. watchman - Used to watch files brew install watchman
  5. RN CLI - React Native command line interface.  Has two purposes to generate react native project, and second run the project in either IOS or android simulator. npm install -g react-native

To start the project, react-native init NameOfProject cd into NameOfProject and run npm init, then npm start.  Then open up another command line and run react-native run-ios;

I have recently completed my apprenticeship.  I am currently building the API to a React JS site using Firebase.