8 June 2019
Here I describe the steps I take to step up an instance for my bird application with AWS lightsail. 
25 April 2019
Today we looked into what hinders website performance and what steps you can take to improve it.
17 March 2019
I have made my changes to my blog website and now I am going through the process of deploying on AWS.  
14 March 2019
Understanding how to deploy a website has been a steep learning curve.  This week after finished my portfolio project, I was ready to deploy it.  I went through the process of setting up a dynamic site on AWS, however I was coming up with a server error.  I describe the steps I took to resolve th
28 February 2019
I am looking to add my Birds of Australia website to my amazon instance.  Currently I have this website hosted.  I will go through the process in adding more then one website to a single instance.
6 December 2018
Today I need to resolve some issues with my blogs image feeds.  I haven't worked out how to push my code locally, config and all.  So I need to export the database so I can make my amends locally.  
26 November 2018
Today I am setting up my github ssh key in my AWS instance.