17 April 2018
Learnt about picturefill, using scrset attribute to img element.  Some good links about img attributes for reponsive images
17 April 2018
Today I learnt a bit about HTML videos.  The video element <video> allows you to embed media players to your website.  There are many attributes to the element, autoplay, controls, preload ect.  The full list and its description can be found 
17 April 2018
The HTML <audio> element is used to embed sound content in documents.
16 April 2018
Today I have been learning from treehouse about creating forms and tables in HTML and the importance of the tags attributes in linking tags together and for backend system.  
11 April 2018
The main importance of HTML is to give the website structure and meaning, very much like how you layout an article.  There are meta tags for paragraphs, titles, articles, emphasising words, create lists ect. This is what I have been learning in the track.
18 February 2018
I wasn't happy with my 'about' page and changed  the view so that the table was simplier on smaller screens I am happy the page now.   As this is a static page I was happy to create a new twig page to customise it completely using HTML and CSS.