10 July 2019
In this article I am running through the basics
10 July 2019
I will cover more of the basics with Vue components.
24 February 2019
This week I am focusing on redesigning my Drupal blog website.  I used parallax styling for the header this was done by adding a javascript plugin as provided greater consistency and used bootstrap grids for some of my layouts. 
17 February 2019
This week I focused my learning on vue.js and animations using javascript.  
28 January 2019
Today I am amending my website to add a preview ability before uploading an image.  I will be using the FileReader object.
22 January 2019
This week I have been learning about a new php framework: Laravel and how to effectively use it with Vue.js.  I have also been working on my website.
16 January 2019
Over the last month I have been working on my php website, taking my time to use controllers and class methods that allows code to be simplified and reusable.   I have been also learning about Vue.js.
27 July 2018
In this blog I am going through ES6 that is used in React JS.  
27 July 2018
In this blog I go through how to define a class based component and a functional component. I cover how to pass props (or attributes) down to a child component and in doing so making the component more dynamic.  I also go through adding a state to a class based component and how to update the sta
26 July 2018
React JS is used for client side web applications, server side web apps, desktop apps, native phone apps.  Used by many applications.  In React newer syntax and language features have made it much easier to work with.  There is much more consistency between browsers, jquery is not necessarily req