3 March 2019
I am working on my individual project.  Using the url to determine the methods to call within the controller.
3 March 2019
As your project gets bigger, you will have to include a greater number of files you need to include.  Php provides a way you can include classes automatically and namespaces help you structure your website better.
10 February 2019
This week I worked on creating an php MVC framework from scratch.
6 February 2019
I am learning how to select parts of text in php with more advanced regular expressions.
6 February 2019
Use this function to call a method of a class and pass parameters to it.
5 February 2019
I am going through the Object Orientated Programming in PHP 7.  This blog covers Inheritance, 
5 February 2019
I have enrolled onto a Object Orientated php course here I will highlight the areas I covered in the course.
22 January 2019
This week I have been learning about a new php framework: Laravel and how to effectively use it with Vue.js.  I have also been working on my website.
16 January 2019
Over the last month I have been working on my php website, taking my time to use controllers and class methods that allows code to be simplified and reusable.   I have been also learning about Vue.js.
5 December 2018
I have a lot of repeated code in my website in development, so I am going through and trying to rewrite with reuseable methods.