3 March 2019
I am working on my individual project.  Using the url to determine the methods to call within the controller.
3 March 2019
As your project gets bigger, you will have to include a greater number of files you need to include.  Php provides a way you can include classes automatically and namespaces help you structure your website better.
5 February 2019
I have enrolled onto a Object Orientated php course here I will highlight the areas I covered in the course.
5 February 2019
I am going through the Object Orientated Programming in PHP 7.  This blog covers Inheritance, 
22 January 2019
This week I have been learning about a new php framework: Laravel and how to effectively use it with Vue.js.  I have also been working on my website.
16 January 2019
Over the last month I have been working on my php website, taking my time to use controllers and class methods that allows code to be simplified and reusable.   I have been also learning about Vue.js.
12 July 2018
This post is referencing drupalize.me and for me to refer back to later on. Plugins in Drupal can be described as a template resolving a specific problem that can be used in different situations.  Plugins are used to solve the problem where you need to allow one or more modules to provide additiona
13 June 2018
This week I have been practicing php without the CMS framework so that I can learn with basic building blocks.  In addition I have been going through the second part of the Blueprints book, trying to get my head around module development.