22 November 2018
Today I have resolved the issue I was having by using php transactions to run multiple sql queries in a method.  
21 November 2018
Today I have been working on my php website on Australian birds. 
12 July 2018
This post is referencing and for me to refer back to later on. Plugins in Drupal can be described as a template resolving a specific problem that can be used in different situations.  Plugins are used to solve the problem where you need to allow one or more modules to provide additiona
25 June 2018
PHP has a class DateTime can be used to represent dates in PHP and being able to formate them in any way.  When sending to MySQL the date needs to be in a certain format, in PHP terms it 'Y-m-d H:i:s' .  Currently that is printed as 2018-06-25 13:06:50
25 June 2018
You can change a php function so that rather than requiring specific arguments that are specific to the table, you can create a more generic UPDATE function.  In the below update function we require the authorid, id and joketext as arguments:
22 June 2018
Returns an array containing all records that was retrieved by the query.  The php manual has a good description of fetchAll().  
19 June 2018
Header() in php is used to send a raw HTTP header.  The header must be sent before any other output is sent, therefore there can't be any HTML tags or blank lines before the header statement.   It can be a url or a php file:
15 June 2018
Fetches a row from a result set associated with a PDOStatement object and if there is no longer a row to fetch, it will return false.  The below example the database table stored in the variable $result is passed through each row, with the while() loop until it returns false (it passed the final
15 June 2018
$_GET is one of a number of variables that PHP automatically creates when it receives a request from a browser.  PHP creates a $_GET as an array variable that contains any values passed in the URL query string.  With the below example, the index.php has an anchor link where the href is linked to
15 June 2018
In PHP the $_POST request is like a the $_GET  however the url will not contain the query string, useful for such things as passwords and other sensitive information.  In addition to large amount of information that can't fit into a url string.